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Board Name MC68340
Manufacturer Freescale Semiconductor
CPU Model CPU32
Power Consumption Available in 3.3 and 5V
Frequency Available in 16 and 25 MHz
Data Lines 16
Timer/Counters Two 16-bit
Address Lines 32

The MC68340 is a high-performance 32-bit microprocessor with direct memory access (DMA).


  • High Functional Integration on a Single Piece of Silicon
  • Two-Channel Low-Latency DMA Controller for High-Speed Memory Transfers
  • Two-Channel Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (USART)
  • Two Independent Counter/Timers
  • System Integration Module Incorporates Many Functions Typically Relegated to External PALs, TTL, and ASIC
  • 32 Address Lines, 16 Data Lines
  • Power Consumption Control
  • 0–16.78 MHz or 0–25.16 MHz Operation
  • 144-Pin Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (CQFP) or 145-Pin Plastic Pin Grid Array (PGA)
  • Available in 3.3 and 5V


The MC68340 is one of a series of components in Motorola's M68300 Family. Other members of the family include the MC68302, MC68330, MC68331, MC68332, and MC68F333.