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MDaemon Messaging Server
MDaemon logo
MDaemon GUI.png
MDaemon 14.0 Running on Windows.
Developer(s) Alt-N Technologies, Ltd.
Initial release July 31, 1996;
21 years ago
Stable release
17.0.3 / August 29, 2017;
22 days ago
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in 9 languages
Type Mail Server, Webmail, ActiveSync, IM, Groupware
License Proprietary

MDaemon Messaging Server is a Windows-based email and groupware server developed by Alt-N Technologies, based in Grapevine, Texas.

Early history[edit]

In the mid 1990s, Arvel Hathcock began writing MDaemon. Hathcock began writing software at the age of 14 on a TRS-80 model MC-10 that his father bought him. After developing bulletin board software for several companies, he joined Mailing List Systems Corporation. Hathcock became frustrated at the expense of the available email software and decided to write his own. In 1996 he founded Alt-N Technologies to produce and sell his email server, MDaemon.[1]


MDaemon's features include a built-in spam filter with Heuristic and Bayesian analysis, SSL and TLS encryption, public and shared folder support, mailing lists, web-based email client (WorldClient), support for sharing of groupware data (calendar, contacts, tasks & notes), over-the-air synchronization of mobile devices via ActiveSync, CalDAV, BlackBerry Internet Service, and an optional BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) plug-in.

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