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MECIPT is the name (an acronym for "Maşina Electronică de Calcul Institutul Politehnic Timişoara" -i.e. Electronic Computer Politechnical Institute Timişoara) used for a family of Romanian computers (1961-1968) built at the Polytechnic University of Timișoara. MECIPT-1 was a first generation computer built by Iosif Kaufmann and Wilhelm Loewenfeld (1956-1962), a team joined in 1961 by Vasile Baltac.[1][2] This was the second computer built in Romania after CIFA-1 built by Victor Toma and the first in a Romanian university. MECIPT-2 (1962) and MECIPT-3 (1965) followed as second and third generation computer technology. Parts of MECIPT 1 and 2 are exhibited in the Museum of Banat[3] In 2011 a 50 years celebration was organized in Romania.[4]


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