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MO Museum
EstablishedOctober 18, 2018; 12 months ago (2018-10-18)
LocationPylimo str. 17, Vilnius
Coordinates54°40′46″N 25°16′40″E / 54.679470°N 25.277744°E / 54.679470; 25.277744
DirectorMilda Ivanauskienė
MO Museum, entrance

MO Museum is a modern art museum in Vilnius, Lithuania. As a private initiative of Lithuanian scientists and philanthropists Danguolė Butkienė and Viktoras Butkus, it functioned as an art museum without a building for about ten years. The collection of 5,000 modern and contemporary pieces contains major Lithuanian artworks from the 1950s to this day.

The museum was opened for the public on 18 October 2018 in the building designed by Studio Libeskind and the team of Lithuanian architects Do Architects.[1][2] Total building floor area: 3100 sq.m., height: 17 m.[3] Italian news agency ANSA included Mo Museum into Top 10 21th century museums to visit.[4]


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