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MSC Bruxelles (ship, 2005) 002.jpg
MSC Bruxelles in Virginia
Name: MSC Bruxelles
Owner: Santa Loretta Shipping Corp[1]
Operator: Redeerei Claus-Peter Offen BmbH & Co[1]
Port of registry: Monrovia,  Liberia[1]
Builder: Samsung Heavy Industries[1]
Yard number: 1511[1]
Completed: November 2005[1]
Status: In service
General characteristics
Length: 337m[1]
Beam: 46m[1]
Draft: 15m[1]
Depth: 27m[1]
Installed power: 68,520kW(93,159hp)[1]
Propulsion: 1 oil engine[1]

MSC Bruxelles is one of the largest container ships in the world. This ship is owned by Santa Loretta Shipping Corp.[1]

Hull and engine[edit]

MSC Bruxelles was built by Samsung Heavy Industries in yard 1511 and was finished in November 2005.[1] This dry cargo[2] container ship is operated by Redeerei Claus-Peter Offen BmbH & Co and the Port of Registry is located in Monrovia, Liberia.[1] MSC Bruxelles has a length of 337m, a beam of 46m, a draught of 15m, and a depth of 27m.[1]

MSC Bruxelles is powered by a MAN-B&W 12K98MC-C, 2 stroke 12 cylinder engine, capable of producing 68,520 kW, or 93,159 hp driving one fixed pitch propeller.[1]


According to Tribune Business News this ship is 217 feet longer and 50 feet wider than the aircraft carrier Yorktown.[3] When docking in the Port of Charleston, it showed the future of ships and shipping. Big ships and bigger ships are to come to this industry.[4] MSC Bruxelles docked in Hampton Roads the councilman commented "There is no room for error anymore. You've got to be right on."[5] Councilman continues to comment that this ships record won't last.[5] Finally he comments that the bigger the ships the more jobs that we are creating for our economy.[5]


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