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MT-TV is a British female progressive rock band, formed of former members of Rockbitch.

Bassist Fuse and late drummer Jo also performed in the acoustic alternative rock band Syren, along with Erin Bennett.


  • Krow (Julie Worland) : vocals, songwriter
  • Alex: lead guitar
  • Brooke (Luci): guitar
  • Fuse (Amanda Smith-Skinner): bass
  • Nikki: keyboards
  • Jo (Joanne Heeley) (2 November 1972 – 11 January 2012) : drums
  • The Stereotypes: Bunny (Chloe), Erzulie, Kali: Backing vocals and stage show

Discography and videography[edit]

  • Live in France (CD mini-album) (2005)
  • Shevolution (DVD) (2006)
  • East/West (CD) (2008)
  • North/South (DVD) (2008)

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