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MW Motors Luka EV

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Luka EV
ManufacturerMW Motors
AssemblyCzech Republic
Body and chassis
ClassElectric car
Body style2-door, 2-seat coupe
LayoutFour-wheel drive, wheel hub motors
Electric motor4x12.5 kW (17 hp)
TransmissionSingle gear
Battery21.9 kWh Ternary/(NiCoMn)O2
Electric range300 km (190 miles)
Wheelbase2,300 mm (91 in)
Length4,050 mm (159 in)
Width1,620 mm (64 in)
Height1,220 mm (48 in)
Curb weight749 kg (1,651 lb)

The MW Motors Luka EV is an electric car designed and produced by MW Motors in the Czech Republic since the 2010s.[1]

The Luka EV is unusual in having four wheel hub motors instead of a central electric motor. The body is inspired by the Tatra JK 2500 prototype[2][3] and is made from fibreglass on an aluminium chassis.

Charging the battery takes 9 hours from a domestic single phase 220 VAC socket or 2 hours with a 3-phase rapid charger.[citation needed]

The MRK I and II prototypes were hand built as open source projects on Hackaday.[4] The final production MRK III follows the previous cars closely but the details are closed source. The price is expected to start at €30,000.[5]

The MRK I prototype was nominated, together with five other vehicles, for the eCarTec Award 2015 in the Electric Vehicle category.[6]


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