Ma'am May We Go Out

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Ma'am May We Go Out
Directed by Mike Relon Makiling
Produced by Vic del Rosario, Jr.
Written by Mike Relon Makiling
Starring Tito Sotto
Vic Sotto
Joey de Leon
Nino Muhlach
JC Bonnin
Carmi Martin
Distributed by Viva Films
Release date
Running time
124 min.
Country Philippines
Language English, Tagalog

Ma'am May We Go Out? is a 1985 Philippine comedy film produced by Viva Films. It starred Filipino comedians Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon.


Soriano brothers Dennis, Chipipoy/Chip, and Jeff are bums who do odd jobs to earn a living, including driving a jeepney. Their lives take a different turn after meeting Atty. Aga Agaton, who told them that they are long-lost heirs of a US-based millionaire. Per the millionaire's will, the brothers would claim his inheritance as long as they finish high school or else the lawyer will take it all.

The brothers enroll at the Rajah Putih High School where their age turns them into the butt of their classmates' jokes. The brothers eventually befriend a group of students after saving them from thugs. They also seek help from Einstein, the class' resident genius, in order to get away with the most difficult subjects.

Trouble starts when the Soriano brothers become involved in different mishaps happening in the school (including getting Chip a prom date who turned out to be a striptease dancer), resulting in endless confrontations with the school principals. However, despite compromises that eventually lead to more shenanigans & their great ideas for programs that earned the school more money, the brothers are set to graduate high school and get the inheritance.

However, Agaton wants the money for himself, plotting with his bodyguard to bomb the Soriano brothers' graduation. At the ceremonies, the brothers were accorded special honors by the school despite having caused much havoc. As a sign of gratitude, Dennis, Chip and Jeff share the special award with Agaton. The lawyer hesitantly accepts the trophy, but the driver warns him too late that the bomb was inside the trophy. Agaton and the driver die, while the Soriano brothers and everyone else on stage are sprawled all over the place.


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