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Mabel Blythe (1930–2004) was a popular Sri Lankan actress and singer who appeared in early Sinhala films opposite Eddie Jayamanne.

Blythe was born on March 28, 1930.[1] Actress Jemini Kantha introduced her to B. A. W. Jayamanne who cast Blythe in Hadisi Vinishchaya (1949) opposite Eddie Jayamanne. She subsequently had similar roles in Sengawunu Pilithura (1951), Umathu Wishwasaya (1952), Kele Handa (1953), Iranganie (1954), Matha Bedhaya (1955), Perakadoru Bena (1955), Daiwa Wipaakaya (1956), Vanaliya (1958; with her sister Shirly Blythe), Kawata Andare (1960) and Mangalika (1963).[2]

Blythe sang in her movies. Her song "Sara Goiya" done for Daiwa Wipaakaya is considered one of the longest songs in Sri Lankan cinema running in at eight minutes. Blythe dueted with Mohideen Baig on "Surathaliye Sukumaliye" for the same film.[3] Earlier she did several duets with Eddie Jayamanne.

Blythe's later movies include Senasuma Kothanada (1966), Geetha (1970), Sujeewa (1972), Sukiri Kella (1975) and Mangala (1976). She also appeared in two South Indian films, Walliyin Selvan (with MG Ramachandran) and Periya Ediththa Pen (alongside Chandrababu). Blythe retired from film after filling in the role originally done by Jemini Kantha in the remake of Kadawunu Poronduwa (1982) pairing with Eddie Jayamanne one last time.[3]

Blythe married Ranjith Anthony and settled in Nuwara Eliya subsequently relying on a Tower Hall pension. She was presented the Sarasaviya Rantisara Award in 2002.[3]


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