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Mabel Geraldine Woodruffe Peacock (9 May 1856– 17 July 1920)[1] was an English folklorist.

Peacock was the daughter of Lucy and Edward Peacock F.S.A. of Bottesford Manor, Brigg, Lincolnshire, and later of Kirton-in-Lindsey. She made collections of folklore in this region and published them in journals and her books.[2]

She retired to Norfolk in 1918 and died of tuberculosis in 1920. Mabel Peacock is buried in Grayingham, Lincolnshire churchyard.[3]

Peacock is among the favorite authors of Sir George Bailey in A. S. Byatt's novel, Possession.[4]


Her works include:

  • An Index of Royalists whose estates were confiscated during the Commonwealth. 1879.
  • Tales and Rhymes in the Lindsey Folk-speech, 1886, with Max Peacock (anonymously)
  • Tales fra Linkishire, 1889. She also edited a reprint of John Bunyan's Holy War and Heavenly Footman, 1892, with full introduction and notes;
  • Lincolnshire Tales, 1897.
  • Lincolnshire Rhymes, 1907.
  • Lincolnshire County Folklore, 1908, with Eliza Gutch.
  • Many contributions to Folk-Lore and a collection of notes and manuscript.


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