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Mariner MJ IconArt.png
Developer(s)Mariner Software
Stable release
6.1.5 / 2014-11-08
Operating systemMac OS, Mac OS X
TypeJournal software & Blogging tool
WebsiteMacJournal Website

MacJournal is journaling and blogging software originally developed for OS X. It is published by Mariner Software. MacJournal offers only basic text formatting and limited page layout features. MacJournal's audience includes diarists, bloggers and podcasters.

MacJournal supports online blog tools including: LiveJournal, Blogger, Movable Type and WordPress. It also contains powerful searching capabilities, allows keeping multiple nested journals. Includes password protection, AES-256 encryption and Palm (PDA) syncing.

MacJournal was written by Dan Schimpf and was awarded Best Mac OS X Student Product at the 2002 Apple Design Awards. It was initially distributed as Freeware, then made Shareware. In 2004 the project was purchased by Mariner Software, and Schimpf was hired to continue development.

Mariner Software also makes a Windows compatible version of MacJournal called WinJournal and has released a version of MacJournal for the iPhone, and a version of MacJournal for the iPad.[1]

In 2012, MacJournal was given an Editors' Choice Award by Macworld. [2]

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