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Machavariani (Georgian: მაჭავარიანი) is a Georgian surname, formerly a noble family from western part of Georgia, Kingdom of Imereti. Originally coming from Svaneti, mountainous region of Georgia, they established themselves in Upper Imereti as a noble family in the regions of Kharagauli, Zestafoni, Chiatura since 1452. Later they spread across Kingdom of Kartli - Shida Kartli and Kvemo Kartli regions. In ancient Georgian feudal hierarchy the Machavariani are mentioned as aznauri or takhtis aznauri of the Georgia royal (tavadi) families - House of Orbeliani, Amirejibi and few others. After Georgia was annexed by the Russian Empire, the Machavariani were confirmed in their nobility title (dvoryanstvo) in 1850.[1]

The following are notable people with this surname:


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