Machine Says Yes

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Machine Says Yes
A nighttime photo showing distant buildings, bushes, railroad cars, and railroad tracks all under a billboard that is white and very illuminated, radiating out red light. Above the billboard is a line of uppercase text that reads "FC/KAHUNA", and underneath that is a smaller line of text that reads "Machine Says Yes".
Studio album by FC Kahuna
Released 8 April 2002 (2002-04-08)
Genre Electronica, trip hop, acid house
Length 57:39
Label City Rockers[1]
FC Kahuna chronology
Big Kahuna Kicks Two
(2000)Big Kahuna Kicks Two2000
Machine Says Yes
Another Fine Mess
(2003)Another Fine Mess2003
Singles from Machine Says Yes
  1. "Mind Set to Cycle"
    Released: 2000
  2. "Glitterball"
    Released: 2002
  3. "Machine Says Yes"
    Released: 2002
  4. "Hayling"
    Released: 2003
  5. "Nothing is Wrong"
    Released: 2003

Machine Says Yes is an album by British electronic music duo FC Kahuna,[2] released in April 2002 on the label City Rockers.[1] The album includes five singles: "Mind Set to Cycle", "Glitterball", "Machine Says Yes", "Hayling", and "Nothing is Wrong".

The two most notable singles, "Hayling" and "Machine Says Yes", were co-written and sung by Icelandic singer Hafdís Huld and charted at No. 49 and No. 58 respectively on the UK Singles Chart.[3] In addition, "North Pole Transmission" was sung by American singer Eileen Rose and "Fear of Guitars" was sung by Gruff Rhys.

"Glitterball" was featured in the video games Need for Speed: Underground and Crackdown.


Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Source Rating
Metacritic 77/100[4]
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[5]
Pitchfork 4.7/10 stars[6]
NME 8/10 stars[2]
Dallas Observer Positive[7]
PopMatters Positive[8]
Playlouder 4.5/5 stars[9]

Critical reception of Machine Says Yes was generally positive, with Metacritic reporting a normalised score of 77% based on 15 reviews which indicates that it is "generally favorable".[4] Peter Robinson of NME wrote that the album is "fresh, feisty and fierce", but also that it "lacks a definitive thumper likely to propel the duo to the chart status you'd reckon".[2] Pitchfork's Mark Martelli was less receptive and wrote that "too much calculation has gone into Machine Says Yes. The record smacks of market research, not the craven, late-night interplay that communicates real soul."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Hayling" 6:50
2. "Nothing Is Wrong" 5:11
3. "Machine Says Yes" 6:33
4. "Glitterball" 5:48
5. "Growler" 6:45
6. "Bleep Freak" 2:23
7. "Fear of Guitars" 5:10
8. "Mind Set to Cycle" 6:26
9. "North Pole Transmission" 4:58
10. "Micro Cuts" 7:35


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