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Type of site
news and information related to Apple Inc., iTunes, iPhone, Mac, security and privacy
Available in English
Owner MacInTouch Inc.
Created by MacInTouch Inc. (Ric Ford)
Commercial Yes
Launched 1994
Current status Active

MacInTouch is a daily news and information website that provides independent coverage of Apple's Mac and iOS platforms, along with other topics such as security and privacy, networking, and technological innovation. MacInTouch's curated "Reader Reports" publish experiences, commentary and analysis from the reader community. MacInTouch also provides daily product updates and occasional product reviews.


“MacInTouch” began as an independent print journal in 1985, originally published by Ford-LePage Inc.,[1] to provide news and information about Macintosh computers. The MacInTouch Home Page website, created by Ric Ford in 1994,[2][3] was serving daily Mac news and information to more than a million people by 1998. It's noted as being one of several blog-style sites that predate the definition of a blog.[4]

MacInTouch Inc. is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


In 1993, MacInTouch analysis of a bug in Apple's HFS file system prompted a nomination for a (non-existent) "Pulitzer Prize in computer journalism." [5]

In 1999, MacInTouch was noted in Linux Today for "Most tasteful and cool April foolishness: MacInTouch's transformation to MonkInTouch, complete with piano motif and lots of links to Thelonious Monk stuff."[6]

In 2006, MacInTouch published an independent analysis of Apple Mac notebook reliability based on a survey of over 10,000 notebook spanning 41 models.[7]

In 2007, MacInTouch first reported a severe data-loss bug in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard's Finder.[8]

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