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MacroMind was an Apple Macintosh software company founded in Chicago in 1984 by Marc Canter, Jay Fenton and Mark Stephen Pierce. The company's first product was SoundVision, a combined music and graphics editor. Before the release, the graphics editor was removed, and SoundVision became MusicWorks.[1] Along with other early programs, MusicWorks was originally distributed by Hayden Software.[2]

In 1988 the company moved to San Francisco, and in 1991 MacroMind merged with Paracomp to become MacroMind-Paracomp, then in 1992 merged with Authorware, Inc forming Macromedia.


  • MusicWorks (1984) - music composer
  • VideoWorks (1985),[3] VideoWorks II (1987) and VideoWorks Interactive - multimedia animation software
  • Art Grabber/Body Shop (1985) - clip art software
  • Comic Works/Graphic Works - object based paint program
  • VideoWorks accelerator - animation compiler for VideoWorks files
  • MazeWars+[4] (1987) - multiplayer network game based on the classic Maze War
  • Director (1987) - new name for VideoWorks II
  • Director 2 (1988) - VideoWorks Interactive when released as a commercial product
  • Director 2.2 (1989 - Introduction of Lingo (programming language), an extensible animation scripting language
  • Director 3 (1989),[5] and introduction of XObjects
  • Three-D (1990)[6][7] - 3D modeling and animation software
  • MacroModel
  • Mouse Practice (1992) – a tutorial on how to use the mouse where the user controls a scuba diver

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