Mad, Bad and Dangerous

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Mad, Bad and Dangerous
Studio album by Blue Tears
Released July 26, 2005
Recorded 1990–1992
Genre Hard rock
Length 72:52
Label Suncity
Producer Gregg Fulkerson
Blue Tears chronology
Blue Tears
(1990)Blue Tears1990
Mad, Bad and Dangerous
Dancin' On the Back Streets
(2005)Dancin' On the Back Streets2005

Mad, Bad and Dangerous is the second album released by the late-80s hard rock band Blue Tears. The album was one of many recordings by the band which went unreleased following the increased popularity of alternative and grunge music.[citation needed]

Long after the band members got involved in other projects, some of these unreleased material started to surface on the Internet. Bandleader Gregg Fulkerson decided to compile an album of most of this material and release it officially.[citation needed]

The album was finally released in 2005 by Suncity Records. It marked, perhaps, the return of the band, since they released an all-new album The Innocent Ones the following year.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Long Way Home"
  2. "Girl Crazy"
  3. "With You Tonight"
  4. "Mystery Man"
  5. "Rock You to Heaven"
  6. "Evidence of Love"
  7. "Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know"
  8. "Misty Blue"
  9. "Kisses in the Dark"
  10. "Everywhere I Go"
  11. "Midnight Train"
  12. "Follow Your Heart"
  13. "Russia Tonight"
  14. "Love Machine"
  15. "The Last Serenade"
  16. "Live It Up"


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