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Madan Theatre Company, is also known as Madan Theatres Limited or in short, Madan Theatres was a film production company founded by Jamshedji Framji Madan, one of the pioneers of Indian Cinema.


Madan, a young Parsi businessman, who had experience in Theatre shows from an early age, stepped into entertainment business in 1902, when he started bioscope shows of imported cinemas a tent in Maidan, Calcutta.

After World War I, Madan's Theatre business started growing rapidly. In 1919, his business became a joint stock company with the name of Madan Theatres Limited. Madan Theatres and its associates had a great control over theatre houses in India those days.[citation needed]

J J Madan, third son of Jamshedji Framji Madan, became managing director of Madan Theatres after the death of his father in 1923. Madan Theatres reached a peak in late 1920s when it owned 127 theatres and controlled half of the country's box office.[1] Madan Theatres produced a number of popular and landmark films till 1937.

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