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CTA Loop Elevated - Madison & Wabash Station.jpg
Location Two North Wabash Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Coordinates 41°52′55″N 87°37′34″W / 41.882023°N 87.626098°W / 41.882023; -87.626098
Owned by Chicago Transit Authority
  Purple Line weekday rush hours only
Platforms 2 Side platforms
Tracks 2
Structure type Elevated
Opened November 8, 1896
Closed March 16, 2015
Passengers (2012) 2,036,939 Increase 8.9%
Preceding station   Chicago "L"   Following station
One-way operation
Brown Line
toward Kimball
toward Harlem/Lake
Green Line
One-way operation
Orange Line
toward Midway
Purple Line
toward Linden
Pink Line
toward 54th/Cermak
Route map
Brown and Green Lines
north to Kimball and Harlem/Lake
Madison St.
Purple, Orange, Green, and Pink Lines
south to Linden, Midway, Ashland/63rd,
Cottage Grove, and 54th/Cermak

Madison/Wabash was an 'L' station which served the CTA's Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, and Purple Lines. From 1919 to 1963, it also served interurban trains of the North Shore Line. This station and Randolph/Wabash are scheduled to be replaced by Washington/Wabash in 2017.[1] The station closed on March 16, 2015.[2] [3]

As of summer 2016, the Washington/Wabash station construction has begun. Nothing remains of the Madison/Wabash station except for the structure it was built on.


During the weekend of May 23–24, 2015, the entire Inner Loop platform was completely removed.

On June 6, 2015, the transfer bridge was completely removed.

During the weekend of June 20–21, 2015, the entire Outer Loop platform was completely removed.

From July to August 2015, the station house, the fare controls, and the mezzanine were removed.

The Washington/Wabash station will be completed in spring of 2017. [4]


Station house during its final week of service 
Station house in 2012 
Madison/Wabash Station in August 2001 


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