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Madison Kimrey is a political activist from Burlington, North Carolina. Her focuses include youth involvement in politics, the humane treatment of animals, and women’s rights.[1][2] She has also been involved with petitions, including a petition to meet with North Carolina governor Pat McCrory.[3] She spoke at a Moral Mondays event in North Carolina,[4] and at the "We are Woman" rally in Washington DC.[5]


Kimrey's first encounter with activism was in Jacksonville, when a family had to pay extra for a family membership at the "Hands-On Children's Museum" because the museum argued they weren't "really a family." After she returned to North Carolina, Kimrey started to notice Pat McCrory and started going to "Moral Monday" protests.[6]

Kimrey is also the author of the blog "Functional Human Being,"[7] which contains a collection of political writings, opinions, personal insights and occasional accompanying music video.


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