Madras Pioneers

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Madras Pioneers
BMImg 65514 firstMadras.JPG
1st Madras Pioneers by H Bunnett
Active 1780–1831
Country India
Type Engineers
Role Support
Garrison/HQ Madras Patnam
Engagements Battles list
Battle honours See

The term Madras Pioneers related to bodies of Pioneers as well as Sappers and Miners which were part of the Madras Presidency Army.

The Madras Engineer Group were raised as two companies of pioneers in 1780 called the Madras Pioneers, which were expanded and titled 'Corps of Madras Pioneers' but later renamed the 'Corps of Madras Sappers and Miners' in 1831.[1]

In addition, a separate Corps of Madras Pioneers was also in existence in the late 19th century and early 20th century which was disbanded in 1933, along with other pioneer battalions of the British Indian Army. The troops, equipment and regimental property of the disbanded pioneer battalions were absorbed into the Sappers and Miners of their respective presidencies; in the case of Madras Pioneers, with the Madras Sappers.