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Maelcairearda (died 993) was King of Uí Briúin Seóla.


There is uncertainty over the succession between Murchad mac Flann mac Glethneachan and Brian. A Maelcairearda King of Uí Briúin, is recorded in the annals as dying in 993 but this may refer to Uí Briúin proper, or indeed its offshoots. In the O'Flaherty genealogies, he is given as the father of Muireadhach ua Flaithbheartach (died 1034).

A notable event took place on the crannog home of Muintir Murchada, at Lough Cimbe (now Lough Hackett) in 991:

The wind sunk the island of Loch Cimbe suddenly, with its dreach and rampart, i.e. thirty feet.

Preceded by
Murchad mac Flann mac Glethneachan
King of Uí Briúin Seóla
Succeeded by
Brian mac Maelruanaidh