Maganti Ankineedu

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Maganti Ankineedu
Constituency Machilipatnam
Personal details
Born 1 January 1915
Tamirisa, Krishna district
Political party Indian National Congress
Spouse(s) Saradamba

Maganti Ankineedu (born 1 January 1915, date of death unknown) was an Indian independence activist, politician and Member of parliament, Lok Sabha.

He was born to Maganti Venkata Ramdas at Tamirisa village, Krishna district. He was educated at Hindu College, Machilipatnam.[citation needed]

He participated in the Indian independence movement and imprisoned twice during the Civil Disobedience Movement and the Quit India Movement.

He was elected to 6th Lok Sabha and 7th Lok Sabha from Machilipatnam constituency as a member of Indian National Congress in 1977 and 1980 respectively.[1]


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