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Magda Herzberger (born 23 June 1926, Cluj, Romania) is an author, poet and composer.

Herzberger is a survivor of the Auschwitz, Bremen, and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps.[1] Her book "Survival" is an account of her early life, her time in the camps and eventual liberation, and her reunion with her mother.

She has authored "Tales of the Magic Forest", a book of fairy tales, "Dreamworld" based on many of her nightmares and six volumes of poetry: "Devotional Poetry", "Will You Still Love Me", "The Waltz of the Shadows", "If You Truly Love Me" and "Songs of Life", "Midnight Musings".In addition to her major autobiographical book "Survival",she published previously a brief description of her Holocaust experiences - "Eyewitness to Holocaust", and contributed her biographical information to Plotkin and Ritvo's book "Sisters in Sorrow" [37 pages]. She has composed a "Requiem" in the honor of the victims of the Holocaust, as well as multiple musical compositions which can be found in her various books.

Herzberger is married to Eugene, a neurosurgeon. The couple have a son, Henry and a daughter, Monica, who illustrates Herzberger's books.[2]


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