Mahadeva Achchirama Children Home

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Mahadeva Achchirama Children Home
Area served
Northern Province
Key people
  • Kaneshanantha Mahadeva Suwamigal, patron
  • K. Sittampalam, patron
  • S. Srinivasan, patron
  • P. Jeyarani, patron
  • P. Kandasamy, senior consultant
  • T. Rasanayagam, president
WebsiteM Children's Home in Kilinochchi Sri Lanka
A view of the Mahadeva Achchirama Children Home

Mahadeva Achchirama Children Home (also known as Mahadeva Ashtrama Saivach Chiruvar Illam, Kurukulam and Gurukulam) is situated in Jeyanthy Nagar, Puthumurippu, Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka. The children home is an orphanage for children who have been affected by the 2009 civil war in Sri Lanka. It is registered with Department of Social Services, Northern Province.[1][2][3]

The president of the children's home is T. Rasanayagam.[4]



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