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Origin May 1997, Oakville, Ontario
Genres Metalcore, chaotic hardcore
Years active 1997 to 2002
Labels Nowornever Records
Website Maharahj MySpace page
Members Clayton Kelly
Colin Ross
Garren Ustel
Dave Johnston
Andrew Bricker
Past members Neil Boshart
John Brown

Maharahj is a metalcore band from Oakville, Ontario. Their name originated from a modified spelling of the East Indian term maharaja. This now defunct band was founded in 1997 by Garren and Clay under the original name One Winged Angel. Over the course five years the band released one demo and two studio albums. After heated discussion about the viability of full-time tour support, they disbanded in 2002. Members went on to start bands Explode the Airwaves and Silverstein.


During their first US tour, label owner Matt Beckerman signed them to his (now defunct) nowornever records. Sharing the stage with such label-mates as The Dillinger Escape Plan and Diecast (band), Maharahj found underground scene success with their blend of cacophony and mathematical technicality. Shortly afterwards, they were back in the studio recording their first full length "Chapter One, The Descent". With a major label financial backing the record, Maharahj was able to gain a huge fan base. Record sales soared. However, the rigorous demands of the touring and difficult musicianship had their toll on some of the members.

In 2001, the heavy-handed nature of the band's internal songwriting process created some dramatic lineup changes. Colin and Andrew were recruited to replace Jon and Neil. Neil went on to join and play in the successful band Silverstein. Progressing as a more diverse band with more diverse interests, Maharahj later recorded Repetition. But this album was not as well received as they had hoped. Poor tour support was also a contributing factor. One year later, the band split ways.

Major label signing[edit]

The band signed to Nowornever Records in June 1999. The band recorded both their full-length debut CD Chapter One, The Descent and sophomore effort Repetition on the Nowornever label.


Former members[edit]


  • A Replication of a Process and Product (EP) (September 1999)
  • Chapter One, The Descent (LP) (August 2000)
  • Repetition (LP) (September 2001)

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