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Directed by Kranti Kanade
Produced by Children's Film Society, India
Written by Kranti Kanade
Kedar Dharwadkar
Starring Shreya Sharma
Madan Deodhar
Anuya Bhagwat
Lalan Sarang
Anuja Borkar
Dhiresh Joshi
Music by Mathieu Lamboley
Cinematography Mrinal Desai
Edited by Suchitra Sathe
Release date
  • 2007 (2007)
Running time
Country India
Language Hindi

Mahek is an award winning Indian children's film by writer-director Kranti Kanade.


It's about 11-yr old dreamer Mahek who wants to be the best at everything, but is unsure of how to achieve her goals.



The film was produced by the Children's Film Society of India (CFSI).


Legendary artist and cartoonist Mario Miranda did the illustrations for the film. The crew was FTII alumnus who subsequently did notable work. Mrinal Desai, the DOP, was the second unit director of photography on 'Slumdog Millionaire' and later shot universally acclaimed film 'Court'. Editor Suchitra Sathe and Sound designer Anmol Bhave worked on National Award winning films.


It premiered at the BFI London Film Festival to affectionate reviews. Invited to over twenty International film festivals including Chicago, Munich, Toronto, St Louis and Cleveland, it won awards in Hollywood and Houston. It was Best Children's film nominee at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Australia and was shown as part of "Modern India" studies syllabus at the Otterbein University.[1]


This film received positive with British Film Institute terming as "An inspiring family film from India". The Sprockets Toronto Film Festival noted that "The film celebrates imagination, self-confidence and perseverance." Maithili Rao of the Frontline section of the Hindustan Times commented that the film was "A rare combination of sensitivity and gentle humour".[2] Similarly, Rachel Dwyer, University of London termed the film as "Totally delightful". Cleveland Film Festival, USA noted it a "Gem of a film". St.Louis Film Festival, USA described Mahek as a "Beautifully filmed with a nice eye for color and very funny", whereas the Syracuse New Times, New York applauded that the film "Certainly matches Truffaut’s cinematic spirit."

Mahek, due to its theme, has included in the curriculum of Otterbein College, one of the oldest universities in the US.[3][4]

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