Mahogany Mountains

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Mahogany Mountains
Mahogany Mountains is located in Nevada
Mahogany Mountains
Mahogany Mountains
Mahogany Mountains
on the Nevada-Utah border [1]
Highest point
Peak Mahogany Peak (Lincoln County)
Elevation 8,665 ft (2,641 m)
Country United States
State Nevada
District Lincoln County
Range coordinates 37°57′43.864″N 114°4′30.917″W / 37.96218444°N 114.07525472°W / 37.96218444; -114.07525472Coordinates: 37°57′43.864″N 114°4′30.917″W / 37.96218444°N 114.07525472°W / 37.96218444; -114.07525472
Topo map USGS Deer Lodge Canyon

The Mahogany Mountains are a mountain range located on the Nevada-Utah border, located in Lincoln County, Nevada and Iron County, Utah.[1]

The range highpoint is Mahogany Peak (Lincoln County) located center-northwest,[2] and about 8665 ft in height.[3] The Needle Mountains (Nevada-Utah) are attached north, and both ranges lie attached to the south terminus of the White Rock Mountains of Nevada.


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