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Mahyar (Persian مهیار) is an androgynous Persian name that can mean one of several things:

In recent times, Mahyar is broken down to "mah" referring to the Moon, and "yar" meaning friend; which translates directly to Moon's Friend. In Persian poetry and writing, the word for moon, "mah" is commonly used as a symbol of beauty. So "Mahyar", typically when in naming girls, is used to mean "Beautiful Friend". It is worthy to note that "Yar" is used in many Persian names which refers the named child as a gifted friend, typically to the parents, caretakers, and/or the siblings.

Previously, the name was also a derived from Mehyar, an old Persian name that Means "Great Friend". In that context, Meh means the great, and yar means friend. This was typically only used in naming boys.

Some also believe that the name Mahyar also can be meant to refer to Earthly, as a friend to its orbiting Moon. This is a common belief, as in the 18th century, there was great interest and development in astronomy in the Persian culture.

Other references of Mahyar: