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Privately owned
IndustryComputer hardware
HeadquartersKenilworth, New Jersey
Area served
Key people
  • Wallace Santos CEO
  • Ron Reed MD
  • Sean Cadet NPD
Gaming Computers

MAINGEAR, Inc. is an American privately held boutique computer manufacturer headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey. Maingear specializes in custom desktops, gaming computers, custom laptops, and workstations which are built, designed, and supported in the USA.


MAINGEAR was founded in 2002 when Wallace Santos, founder and CEO, began building high-performance computers with a focus on customer service and luxury quality. Much of his work is inspired by the automotive industry.[citation needed]

Sites like PC Magazine have given MAINGEAR consecutive excellent ratings in the recent years from the Editors' Choice award winner SHIFT[1] in 2010, the VYBE in 2013[2], the SPARK in 2014[3], FORCE in 2015[4], and the F131 in 2016[5]. Along with the F131, MAINGEAR has also received PCMag's Editors' Choice award for their RUSH[6].


MAINGEAR systems are built from scratch with an extensive focus on detail. All units are assembled, configured, and tested in the USA. Customization is a huge factor in MAINGEAR computers from custom wiring, water-cooling, custom painting and more. The components are carefully analyzed by their R&D Department to cooperate efficiently with each other. Notable companies like Coca-Cola have partnered with MAINGEAR for custom products[7].

A notable desktop designed by HP and made by MAINGEAR is the OMEN X. Forbes stated that “HP was wise to select Maingear as their partner in this space, because they are one of the few boutique builders that has a solid product and process in place.”[8] Coca-Cola® has also partnered with MAINGEAR for a custom showcase gaming PC to highlight Coca-Cola’s E-Sports division.


MAINGEAR's R1 "1-of-ONE" edition.

In 2016, Razer Inc. collaborated with MAINGEAR to release the R1 Razer Edition[9].

MAINGEAR also partnered with Hewlett-Packard to release a custom tuned version of their Omen X. This gaming desktop is already offered by HP although MAINGEAR offers advanced specifications for the desktop[10].

The E-Sports betting platform, Unikrn, announced it will be working with MAINGEAR to “change the world of gaming”. Specific products or services offered by both companies in this joint venture have not yet been announced[11].


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