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Venerated in Haitian Vodou, Folk Catholicism
Attributes Rum, gunpowder, red, black, bulls, demons, 7 tree leaves
Patronage Fire, crossroads, misfortune, destruction, sorcery

Kalfu, Kalfou or Carrefour (literally crossroads - see crossroads in mythology) is one of the petro aspects of the spirit Papa Legba in Haitian Vodou. He is often envisioned as a young man or as a demon; his color is red and he favors rum infused with gunpowder. He is often syncretised with Satan.

As his name indicates, he also controls the crossroads and has the power to grant or deny access to all other Loa, or spirits, and he allows the "crossing" of bad luck, deliberate destruction, misfortune, and injustices.[1]


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