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Maithreem Bhajata मैत्रीं भजत is a benediction composed in Sanskrit by Jagadguru Shri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, renowned as the Paramacharya of Kanchi.

The song was set to a Ragamalika by composer Shri Vasant Desai.

Historical Importance[edit]

It was rendered at the United Nations on Oct. 23, 1966 on the occasion of the UN day, by Bharat Ratna Smt. M. S. Subbulakshmi and Dr. Radha Viswanathan and received a standing ovation.[1]

For further Mythological importance, please check it out here: [2]


Raaga - Sung in Ragamalika. Yaman Kalyani and Kaapi.
Tala - Adi


मैत्रीं भजत अखिलहृज्जेत्रीम्
आत्मवदेव परानपि पश्यत ।
युद्धं त्यजत स्पर्धां त्यजत
त्यजत परेषु अक्रमम् आक्रमणम् ॥
जननी पृथिवी कामदुघाऽऽस्ते
जनको देवः सकलदयालुः ।
दाम्यत दत्त दयध्वं जनताः
श्रेयो भूयात् सकलजनानाम् ॥
maitrīṃ bhajata akhilahṛjjetrīm
ātmavadeva parānapi paśyata |
yuddhaṃ tyajata spardhāṃ tyajata
tyajata pareṣu akramam ākramaṇam ||
jananī pṛthivī kāmadughā(ā)ste
janako devaḥ sakaladayāluḥ |
dāmyata datta dayadhvaṃ janatāḥ
śreyo bhūyāt sakalajanānām ||


Though it is not possible to translate the song into English and still preserve its original meaning to the fullest extent, sources available from the World Wide Web suggest the following translation:

maitrīṃ bhajata akhilahṛjjetrīm - Cultivate Friendship and Humility, which will conquer the Hearts of Everyone.
ātmavadeva parānapi paśyata - Look upon others as similar to yourself.
yuddhaṃ tyajata - Renounce war
spardhāṃ tyajata - Forsake (unhealthy) competition
tyajata pareṣu akramam ākramaṇam - Forgo unrightful aggression or acquiring by force
jananī pṛthivī kāmadughā(ā)ste - Mother Earth yields all that we require
janako devaḥ sakaladayāluḥ - God, our father, is most compassionate

The above lines come to indicate: so what do we have to want for, or what reason do we have to not be at peace with all?)

dāmyata - practice Restraint
datta - be kind and give unto others
dayadhvaṃ - Be Kind to others
janatāḥ - Oh People of the World
śreyo bhūyāt sakalajanānām - May All People attain all goodness (happiness and prosperity in this world as well as spiritual upliftment)


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