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Major is a military rank. The word derives from the Latin maior (also spelled major), which means "greater".

Major or majors may also refer to:



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Other uses[edit]

  • Major (manga), a baseball-related Japanese manga/anime series
  • Major suit or major in contract bridge, namely hearts and spades

Brands and enterprises[edit]

  • Major, an Irish cigarette brand produced by Carroll's, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco
  • Major film studios, film studios (mostly United States-based) that produce many films per year
  • Morris Major (1931 to 1933), an automobile produced by Morris Motors in the United Kingdom
  • Morris Major, a car model produced by the British Motor Corporation of Australia between 1958 and 1964


  • Major (academic), the primary field of study for a bachelor's degree in the United States and some other countries
  • Major, an older sibling, when two British Public school students have the same surname




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