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The Makamah Park Preserve is approximately 140 acres in the east watershed area of crab meadow park on the north shore of Long Island, New York. It is bounded on the east by route 25a (Fort Salonga Road) and the Makamah road, south by the Long Island Lighting Company R.O.W., and west and south by the Town of Huntington Crab Meadow Golf Course and marsh.

Geography The Makamah Park Preserve is located in the Northeast Corner of the Township of Huntington, east of the village of Northport. Officially in a section known as Fort Salonga. The park is bordered in the north by Makamah beach road, to the east by makamah road, to the south by norwood road, and to the west by waterside avenue. Some nearby destinations are: Crab Meadow Golf Course, Indian Hills Country Club, Crab Meadow Beach, and Makamah Beach.




94 species where recorded in and around the park. Most notable are birds that nest in holes such as Owls and Woodpeckers.



Trail Name Color Distance (Miles)
Round Pond Red .348
Swamp Side Blue .630
Farmers Road Green .298
Pitch Fork Brown .203
Roundabout Purple .896
The Staircase Orange .300
Cardiac Loop Magenta .299

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Coordinates: 40°54′55″N 73°18′58″W / 40.9152°N 73.3162°W / 40.9152; -73.3162