Maksim Gorkiy-class motorship

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River cruise ship Maksim Gorkiy in Moscow
Class overview
Builders: Österreichische Schiffswerften AG, Korneuburg, Austria
Built: 1974
Building: 2
Planned: 2
Completed: 2
Active: 2
General characteristics
Tonnage: GT
Displacement: 2,099 t [1]
Length: 110.1 m (361 ft)[2]
Beam: 14.5 m (48 ft)
Draught: 2.2 m (7.2 ft)
Decks: 4 passenger decks
Installed power: 2 × 6ChRN 36/45 G-60 1,352 kilowatts (1,813 hp)
Propulsion: 2
Speed: 22 km/h (14 mph; 12 kn)
Capacity: 216 passengers
Crew: 66

Maksim Gorkiy class is a class of Russian river passenger ships.[3] It is named after the first ship in the class Maksim Gorkiy.

Four-deck cruise ships built in Austria, 1974.[4]

River cruise ships of the Austrian project Q-040[edit]

Maksim Gorkiy-class motorships
No. Original name English transliteration
1 Максим Горький Maksim Gorkiy
2 Александр Пушкин Aleksandr Pushkin


Maksim Gorkiy-class motorships (project Q-040)
Month and year of build Hull No Image Name Customer Port of registry Flag Status and Position
April 1974 K704 Maksim Gorky at Moscow channel.jpg Maksim Gorkiy Volga Shipping Company GorkyNizhny Novgorod Flag of the Soviet Union.svgFlag of Russia.svg RRR No.: 019376,
MMSI number: 997799990
October 1974 K705 Aleksandr Pushkin in North River Port 20-jun-2012 02.JPG Aleksandr Pushkin Wolga-Reederei Gorky → Nizhny Novgorod Flag of the Soviet Union.svgFlag of Russia.svg RRR No. 019377

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