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Malachy Conlon (died 27 March 1950) was a nationalist politician in Ireland.

Conlon strongly believed that there was a need for a membership organisation linking nationalists in Northern Ireland. He pursued this theme during his campaign for the Nationalist Party in South Armagh at the Northern Ireland general election, 1945.[1] During the campaign, which he fought against a Northern Ireland Labour Party incumbent, he stressed the importance of Christianity to Irish identity and contrasted this with what he described as the "flag of the communist Jew".[2]

Following his election, Conlon worked with Eddie McAteer to found the Irish Anti-Partition League in November 1945, and was appointed its full-time Secretary.[1]


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Parliament of Northern Ireland
Preceded by
Paddy Agnew
Member of Parliament for South Armagh
1945 – 1950
Succeeded by
Charles McGleenan