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Malarky logo.jpg
Malarky photo.jpg
The Malarky Logo and Game Board
Designer(s)David Feldman
Publisher(s)Patch Products
Players3-6 or teams [1]
Playing timeApproximately 45 minutes
Skill(s) requiredBluffing

Malarky was developed by Ernie Capobianco, a Dallas advertising executive, and David Feldman, the maker of the Imponderables novels, and published by Patch Products in 1997. It is a trivia game that incorporates bluffing into the gameplay.[2]


Awards won by this bluffing game/board game include:

  • Number 1 Game of the Year (Good Housekeeping, September 1997)
  • Buyer's Guide to Games (Games Magazine, 1998)
  • Zillions Magazine, Consumer Reports for Kids (March/April 1998)
  • National Association for Gifted Children Holiday Educational Toy List (1998)
  • The FamilyFun Kid Test Toy of the Year Award Finalist (1998)
  • LifeWorks' Real Life Award (1999)


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