Pranhita–Godavari Basin

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Pranhita–Godavari Basin
Stratigraphic range: Late Carboniferous-Early Cretaceous
Type Structural basin
Region Asia
Country India

The Pranhita–Godavari Basin is a northwest–southeast striking geological structural basin (rift basin) in eastern India. The basin contains up to 7 kilometres of sedimentary strata of late Carboniferous/early Permian to Cretaceous age.[1] The basin is 400 km in length with a width of about 100 km and is terminated by the coast of the Indian Ocean on the southeast end.[2]

Late Triassic and the Early Jurassic strata in the basin host dinosaur fossils.[3][4] The Pranhita–Godavari Basin contains four Triassic–Jurassic formations, namely Lower Maleri, Upper Maleri, Lower Dharmaram and Upper Dharmaram.[3][5]

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Coordinates: 18°N 80°E / 18°N 80°E / 18; 80