Maletsunyane Falls

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Maletsunyane Falls
Total height192 m (630 ft)
Number of drops1
Longest drop192 m (630 ft)
Maletsunyane Falls is located in South Africa
Maletsunyane Falls
Maletsunyane Falls
Location of the Maletsunyane Falls in Southern Africa

Maletsunyane Falls is a 192-metre-high (630 ft) waterfall in the Southern African country Lesotho.[1] It is located near the town of Semonkong (Site of smoke), which also is named after the falls.[2] The waterfall is on the Maletsunyane River and it falls from a ledge of Triassic-Jurassic basalt.[3]

The plunging water creates a reverberating echo when it contact the basin of the falls, and local legend has it that the sound comes from the wailing of people who have drowned in the falls.[2]

In December 2017, the Australian YouTube channel How Ridiculous broke the record for the world's highest basketball shot at Maletsunyane Falls. This stands as the current world record.[4] The Maletsunyane Falls first Guinness Record was for the "World's longest commercially operated abseil", managed by Semonkong Lodge, with a height of 204 m (669 ft).

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Coordinates: 29°52′07″S 28°03′06″E / 29.86861°S 28.05167°E / -29.86861; 28.05167