Malibu High

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Malibu High
Original poster
Directed by Irvin Berwick
Produced by Lawrence D. Foldes
Tom Singer
Written by John Buckley
Tom Singer
Starring Jill Lansing
Stuart Taylor
Katie Johnson
Phyllis Benson
Cinematography William DeDiego
Edited by Dan Perry
Distributed by Crown International Pictures
Release date
May 1979
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $56,000

Malibu High is a 1979 low budget exploitation film directed by Irvin Berwick and starring Jill Lansing.


High school student Kim Bentley (Jill Lansing) is having a tough time of things at the moment, she has been dumped by her boyfriend Kevin (Stuart Taylor) for rich girl Annette (Tammy Taylor), her grades are slipping and she has no money, and all her mother (Phyllis Benson) seems to care about is cleaning. Kim tells her best friend Lucy (Katie Johnson) that the nonsense ends today. Kim's been feeling sorry for herself ever since her father hanged himself. She begins working for Tony the pimp (Alex Mann) and things start to look good for her, new clothes, new car and good grades. Annette begins to hate Kim even more and Kevin becomes jealous. Kim then meets Lance (Garth Howard) who frees her from turning tricks in a beat up old van which leads her to better clothes and nicer cars. Prostitution isn't the worst of it as Kim is forced to kill a man in self-defense when he tries to have his way with her being tied up. Kim becomes a hit woman and after murdering several people, she herself is killed on a deserted beach.


  • Jill Lansing as Kim Bentley
  • Stuart Taylor as Kevin
  • Katie Johnson as Lucy
  • Phyllis Benson as Mrs. Bentley
  • Alex Mann as Tony (credited as Al Mannino)
  • Tammy Taylor as Annette Ingersoll
  • Garth Howard as Lance
  • John Harmon as Mr. Elmhurst


Malibu High was released on DVD on 11 September 2007 on region 1 by Bci/Eclipse in an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. It was released as part of a "Welcome to the Grindhouse Double Feature" along with Trip with the Teacher.[1]


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