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Malika Amar Sheikh (born 16 February 1957) is a Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Malika Amar Sheikh was born on 16 February 1957 to Shahir Amar Sheikh.[2]

She was married to Dalit poet, and co-founder of the Dalit Panthers, Namdev Dhasal.[3]


Malika is the daughter of Shahir Amar Sheikh, and the wife of the late Namdeo Dhasal.[4]


  • Valucha Priyakar (A Lover Made of Sand)
  • Mahanagar (Metropolitan City)
  • Deharutu (The Season of Body)
  • Mala Udhvasta Whaychay (I Want to Get Ruined) (Autobiography)
  • Handle With Care
  • Ek Hota Undir (Story Of A Rat)
  • Koham Koham (Who Am I?)


  • Live Update: An Anthology of Recent Marathi Poetry, edited and translated by Sachin Ketkar, Mumbai: Poetrywala, 2005, ISBN 81-89621-00-9
  • The Tree of Tongues — An Anthology of Modern Indian Poetry, edited by E.V. Ramakrishnan. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla.[5]


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