Mama's Gone A-Hunting

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Mama's Gone A-Hunting
Directed by Peter Maxwell
Produced by Robert Bruning
Written by Bruce A. Wishart
Starring Gerard Kennedy
Vince Martin
Judy Morris
Carmen Duncan
Gemini Productions
Distributed by Network 7
Release date
Running time
96 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Mama's Gone A-Hunting is a 1977 Australian television film.[1] The title is taken from a nursery rhyme, called Bye Baby Hunting. The film featured many well known Australian actors of the period, including Carmen Duncan, and starred Judy Morris

Plot summary[edit]

A psychiatric prison escapee and his partner, decide to kidnap a wealthy family's baby at a hotel and hold it for ransom, however little do they know that a lady is minding the baby and that the babysitter wants to keep the baby for herself.


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