Mamiri Forest Reserve

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Mamiri Forest Reserve
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Map showing the location of Mamiri Forest Reserve
Map showing the location of Mamiri Forest Reserve
Map of Ghana
Location Western Region, Ghana
Nearest city Pensamon
Coordinates 5°39′40″N 2°22′41″W / 5.661°N 2.378°W / 5.661; -2.378Coordinates: 5°39′40″N 2°22′41″W / 5.661°N 2.378°W / 5.661; -2.378[1]
Area 45 km2 (17 sq mi)
Established 1949

The Mamiri Forest Reserve is found in Ghana. It was established in 1949, and the site covers 45 km2 (17 sq mi).[2] It has a long, narrow shape, extending for about 15 km (9.3 mi) from north to south, and only 2–4 km (1.2–2.5 mi) from east to west (Oates, 2006). Mamiri lies on the boundary between the wet evergreen and moist evergreen forest zones (Hall and Swaine, 1981).

Ape status[edit]

There are no recent estimates of chimpanzee abundance in Ghana. The last estimate was made by Teleki's (1989), which estimated between 300 and 500 chimpanzees to be present in Ghana. The chimpanzee's presence was confirmed during field surveys in 2005 at this site (Oates, 2006), however recent surveys in 2009 failed to confirm their survival. (Gatti, 2009).[3]


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