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Mammoth Mammoth
Mammoth Mammoth publicity shot 1.jpg
Mammoth Mammoth 2015
Background information
OriginMelbourne, Australia
GenresHeavy rock, stoner rock, murder fuzz
Years active2007-present
LabelsNapalm Records
MembersMikey Tucker

Ben 'Cuz' Couzens

Frank 'Bones' Trobbiani

Pete Bell
Past membersGareth 'Gash' Sweet

Simon 'Spliff' Jaunay

Marco Gennaro

Kris Sinister

Mammoth Mammoth (often stylized as MAMMOTH MAMMOTH) are an Australian hard rock/stoner rock band that formed in 2007 in Melbourne. The band independently released their self-titled debut EP in June 2008 through their label, Golden Triangle, and followed this with a full-length album titled "Volume II: Mammoth" in August 2009.

In November 2012, their third album Volume III: Hell’s Likely was released, and after good sales and recognition in Europe were signed by Austrian label Napalm Records.[1] Mammoth Mammoth's sound has been likened to "Motorhead doing mushrooms with Black Sabbath backstage at a Butt Hole Surfers concert".[2]

The band are well known for their raucous, live shows; Heavy Magazine Australia said, "their live reputation precedes them ... Mikey Tucker knows no boundaries and goes in hard every time; throwing himself off the stage and throughout the crowd."[3] Mammoth Mammoth have been banned from performing at two music venues in Melbourne. According to an interview in the blog Riff media, Tucker fell through a glass window at The Tote Hotel after head-butting it to get the attention of concert attendees smoking outside. He then continued the show covered in blood.[4]

Background and name[edit]

Mikey and Cuz on stage

Mammoth Mammoth were originally formed by Ben 'Cuz' Couzens and Gareth 'Gash' Sweet as a result of their growing boredom with the Melbourne rock scene, which they saw as being full of "shoe-gazing indie-rock bands doing very little to entertain or commit".[5] They describe themselves as "a heavy rock band from Melbourne Australia that smash the shit out of their stoner, glam, doom, punk and psychedelic rock influences".[6] The band name is derived from the name of the woolly mammoth, stemming from their desire to have a band with the "biggest" name they could think of.[7] Couzens and Trobbiani were previously members of Melbourne rock band Furious Dragon Love; Couzens was also jamming in a side project with friend, bassist Gareth "Gash" Sweet. Tucker was recruited to join them as lead singer when his band Black Fang broke up. The line-up consisting of Couzens on guitar, Trobbiani on drums, "Gash" on bass and Tucker as vocalist combined to form original Mammoth Mammoth.[8]

Volume I: Mammoth Mammoth EP (2008)[edit]

In 2008, the band recorded their debut EP before they played a live show.[2] At their earlier live shows before releasing the EP, the audience and the press were unsure whether the band's performance was a joke.[5] In interviews, the band comments on their hands-on approach when creating their videos, concert posters, and album artwork.[9] The song Weapon of Mass Self-Destruction from their EP Volume I features a video that was banned from YouTube because of its explicit images of vintage 1970s vintage pornography. In response, they posted it on pornography site tube8, where it received millions of views in its first few days.[citation needed]

Volume II: Mammoth and line-up changes (2009 – 2011)[edit]

In 2010, following the release of Volume II: Mammoth, their second self-titled album, the band toured Australia with fellow Melbourne hard rock band Airbourne. On their return, Sweet left the band[5] and was temporarily replaced by Simon Jauney (Spiff) before they chose Pete Bell as the band's permanent bass player.[citation needed]

Volume III: Hell’s Likely (2012 – 2013)[edit]

Mammoth Mammoth causing mayhem on stage

Mammoth Mammoth created the basic outline for their album Volume III: Hell’s Likely over a continuous, three-day jamming session.[10] They later recorded the album in two weeks at Toyland and Goatsounds Studios in Melbourne. They employed Jason Fuller, producer and bassist for Australian metal band Blood Duster, to work with them on the album.[11] Guitarist Ben Couzens said working on material for the album meant the band "just played around with a bunch of jams."[11]

In 2012, after the Australian release of Volume III: Hell’s Likely, Mammoth Mammoth were approached by Napalm Records and subsequently signed an international recording contract.[1] The album was re-released internationally to positive reviews and the band supported it with their 2013 European tour.[citation needed] Metal Hammer magazine's German, French and UK editions voted Hell’s Likely number two for "album of the month" in December 2012.[5]

Volume IV: Hammered Again (2014 – 2016)[edit]

In 2014, the band wrote and recorded their fourth studio album, Volume IV: Hammered Again.[12] The first video release for the track Looking Down the Barrel is a tribute to Penelope Spheeris's The Decline Of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years, in which W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes sums up the era as he is being interviewed while drinking vodka and floating in a pool while his mother watches.[citation needed]

The video's recurring theme is nihilism, which run through a number of the album's songs.[13] On completion of the album, the band toured throughout Europe and alongside former Kyuss vocalist John Garcia and followed up with supports of U.S. doom legends Sleep.[14]

Mammoth Bloody Mammoth (2016 – 2017)[edit]

In 2016, the band returned briefly to the studio to write and record an EP, Mammoth Bloody Mammoth. The album featured a cover of the MC5's Kick Out The Jams. The EP was supported with a European tour with label mates Green Leaf and My Sleeping Karma and shows in Australia supporting Hellyeah and Black Label Society.

Volume V: Mount The Mountain (2017)[edit]

The band's fifth full length album, Volume V: Mount The Mountain through Napalm Records in April 2017. The Mount The Mountain European Tour took place through April and May of the same year before tensions between band members caused the band to fragment and use session musicians, Marco Gennaro and Kris Sinister to complete shows. The current status of the band is not clear.


Mammoth Mammoth after their show in Melbourne, Australia

The band describes their sound as "patented, good-time murder-fuzz" and "more awesome than God’s tits". They describe the effect of their music as "capable of killing unicorns".[citation needed] Mammoth Mammoth describe their songwriting style as "four guys in a boxing ring with no referee".[10]


  • Volume I: Mammoth Mammoth (EP) (2008)
  • Volume II: Mammoth (2009)
  • Volume III: Hell’s Likely (2012)
  • Volume IV: Hammered Again (2015)
  • Mammoth Bloody Mammoth (EP) (2016)
  • Volume V: Mount The Mountain (2017)
  • "Kreuzung" (2019)

Band members[edit]

  • Mikey Tucker (vocals)
  • Frank 'Bones' Trobbiani (drums)
  • Marco Gennaro (guitars)
  • Kris Sinister (bass)


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