Manarom Hospital

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Manarom Hospital
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Coordinates 13°44′47″N 100°33′09″E / 13.746325°N 100.552635°E / 13.746325; 100.552635Coordinates: 13°44′47″N 100°33′09″E / 13.746325°N 100.552635°E / 13.746325; 100.552635
Care system Private
Hospital type The Private Hospital of Mental and Behavioral Healthcare
Affiliated university None
Founded 1 October 2006
Website Manarom Hospital
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Manarom Hospital is Thailand’s private hospital for mental and behavioral healthcare. Manarom Hospital provides comprehensive mental health services to patients of all ages from children, adults to elderly [1].The word "Manarom" is pronounced as ‘ma-na-rhom’ and means "Happy Mind"


Manarom Hospital was founded in 2004 by the Psychiatric Associates Corporation or PAC (Siam) Co.Ltd with a total investment of three hundred million baht. On 1 October 2006, His Excellency, The Privy Counsellor Dr.Kasem Vatanachai performed the grand opening ceremony of Manarom Hospital and since then Manarom Hospital has opened its door to the public


Manarom Hospital is located on Sukhumvit soi 70/3, near Bangna-Trad intersection within the vicinity of Bangkok Metropolitan area (see the map).


  • Outpatient Clinic

Manarom Hospital offers evaluation and treatments for mental health problems. Treatment modalities including counseling, psychopharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, group therapy, relaxation, and anger management training.[2][3]

  • Inpatient Care

The hospital offers 32 inpatient facility in a secure environment. They focus on milieu therapy using a multidisciplinary team approach with psychiatrists, that work with every patient in the unit.

  • Rehabilitation Services / Day Program

Manarom Hospital offers partial hospitalization for behavioral symptom management, medication monitoring and rehabilitation program.

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Family Treatment Center

They address the mental health needs of children and their families.[4]

  • Geriatric & Neuropsychiatry Services

Care evaluation and treatment plans for patients age above 55 who experience emotional problems, behavioral problems or cognitive changes related to the aging process or other health related to the aging process.

  • Chemical Dependency Treatment Program

The chemical Dependency program is structured for adolescents and adults with the need for supervised detoxification or for rehabilitation program.

  • Sleep Disorder Clinic

Diagnosis and treatment for patients who have difficulties falling asleep, or other medical problems that may occur or exacerbate during sleep.[5]

  • Mental Health Education and Services

Promotion of mental health issues and psychoeducation to the public schools and organizations.[6]

  • Manarom Development Center : MDC

Manarom Hospital offer various psychological services, training to the public and corporates as personality development program .

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