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Manborg, a soldier who is part human and part machine, fires his weapon, while the face of the evil Count Draculon appears in a mushroom cloud behind him.
Manborg film poster
Directed bySteven Kostanski
Produced bySteven Kostanski
Written bySteven Kostanski
Jeremy Gillespie
StarringMatthew Kennedy
Adam Brooks
Meredith Sweeney
Conor Sweeney
Ludwig Lee
Music byBrian Wiacek
Edited bySteven Kostanski
Release date
Running time
70 minutes[1]
Budgetapproximately $1,000 (CA$)

Manborg is a 2011 Canadian science-fiction action film by Astron-6.


Count Draculon (Adam Brooks) and his Nazi vampire forces seek to take over Earth during the Hell Wars. A soldier (Matthew Kennedy) is killed attempting to fight the Count, then transformed into Manborg after his body is fitted with robotics.[2] After Manborg becomes active in Mega-Death City, he meets with resistance fighters against Count Draculon. Justice (Conor Sweeney) is a gunfighter who resembles Billy Idol with an "Australian" accent who is joined by his sister Mina (Meredith Sweeney) and martial arts expert #1 Man (Ludwig Lee, voice-dubbed by Kyle Hebert).[3]


  • Matthew Kennedy as Manborg
  • Adam Brooks as Count Draculon and Dr Scorpious
  • Meredith Sweeney as Mina
  • Conor Sweeney as Justice
  • Ludwig Lee as #1 Man (voice dubbed by Kyle Hebert)
  • Jeremy Gillespie as The Baron
  • Andrea Karr as Shadow Mega
  • Mike Kostanski as Little Guy


Production began in 2009, with approximately one year of filming followed by two years of post-production. Chroma key backdrops were used for most filmed scenes.[4] Production costs were approximately $1,000 (CAD).[2][3]


The first public screening of Manborg was on 22 September 2011 at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.


Rick Groen of The Globe and Mail took a favourable view of Manborg, declaring it "cheap and cheesy, no doubt, but with some real tang and, occasionally, a strong bite".[5] The Toronto Star's Peter Howell deemed the film "a marvel of DIY makeup, costuming and special effects" although he believed the production "would have been a much better movie without the cheese".[2]


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