Manchester Rusholme by-election, 1933

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The Manchester Rusholme by-election of 1933 was held on 21 November 1933. The by-election was held due to the appointment to high court of the incumbent Conservative MP, Frank Merriman. It was won by the Conservative candidate Edmund Radford.[1]


The executive of the local Liberal association voted by a majority, not to put forward a candidate for the by-election. However, Dr Percy McDougall was nominated and ran as an unofficial Liberal candidate.[2]


Manchester Rusholme by-election, 1933
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Edmund Ashworth Radford 13,904 50.8
Labour Co-op George Woods 11,005 40.1
Independent Liberal Percy McDougall 2,503 9.1
Majority 2,899 10.7
Turnout 60.8
Conservative hold Swing


McDougall stood again at the 1935 General Election as an Independent candidate.[3]


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