Mandy Haberman

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Mandy Nicola Haberman
Nationality English
Engineering career
Discipline Inventor
Institutions Bournemouth University
Significant design Haberman Feeder and the Anywayup Cup

Mandy Nicola Haberman (born 1956) is an English inventor and entrepreneur. She is a visiting Fellow at Bournemouth University, from where she has an honorary doctorate.[1] She is known for inventing the Haberman Feeder and the Anywayup Cup.


Haberman's daughter was born in 1980 with Stickler syndrome, a congenital abnormality that included a cleft palate.

Out of necessity, she invented the Haberman Feeder special bottle for infants with sucking difficulties, now used in hospitals throughout the world. Her second invention, the Anywayup Cup, is available on the commercial market, selling 10 million cups per year. The Anywayup Cup has received numerous awards for both innovation and design.[2][3]


Haberman has become "a campaigner for improvements in the patent system,"[4] and "sits on many committees, including the IP Court User Advisory Committee."[1]


Haberman was the British Female Inventor and Innovative Network (BFIIN) Female Inventor of the Year 2000. She won the Design Effectiveness Awards 2000.[4]


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