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Mandy Ingber (born late-1960s[1]), sometimes credited as Amanda Ingber, is a yoga instructor and a former actress.[2] Before yoga, Ingber became an indoor cycling instructor at the age of 28. In her childhood, she was introduced to yoga by her father before his death.[1] As a yoga instructor, she produced yoga training lessons on DVD, like Yogalosophy. Also, she has taught yoga to celebrities, like actress Jennifer Aniston.[1][2] To keep fit, besides yoga and indoor cycling, she eats whatever she deems healthy for her body (like smaller meals, fruits, vegetables, and chocolate), does a 45- to 120-minute daily workout five times per week, and alternatively practices walking and an elliptical trainer.[2]

In her acting career, Ingber portrayed Annie, wife of Anthony Tortelli and daughter-in-law of his mother Carla, in the television sitcom Cheers and its short-lived spin-off The Tortellis (1987).[3] She portrayed Robin, Baby's "witless cousin", in the short-lived television series adaptation of the film Dirty Dancing.[4] She portrays Enid, Lila Penbrook's (April Lerman) friend, in the first season (1984–85) of Charles in Charge and Polly Goldenberg-Cohen in the 1989 film Teen Witch.


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