Mangled After Dinner

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Mangled After Dinner
Also known as M.A.D., Those From The Grave
Origin England
Genres Goth Rock
Instruments guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers
Years active 1981 - 88
Members currently disbanded
Past members Trevor "Poeraver" Chadwick, Henry Lansford, Frederick "Fred" Ritchen and John "Johnny" Lansford
Notable instruments
guitar, electric bass, drum kit, synth

Mangled After Dinner was an English-based Goth Rock band founded in 1981 in the city of Manchester.[1] Mangled After Dinner reached a small but loyal community of fans and played an overly gloomy sound, using synthesizer effects and well-written lyrics of exceptionally romantic poetry. Their major themes included: rainstorms, dark forests, abandoned castles, English folklore and the pursuit of answers through solitude and disbelievement.


The band was formed by:

  • Trevor "Poeraver" Chadwick - vocals (1959–1989)
  • Henry Lansford - guitar (1961-)
  • Frederick "Fred" Ritchen - bass (1961-)
  • John "Johnny" Lansford - drums (1957-)

Their very first success was "Mangled After Dinner Ritual", recorded in Long Play with eight total tracks and a stylized black cover with a designed skull with a lit candle abovehead. The band disbanded in the late 1980s, when Chadwick reportedly died in a horrible car crash near London (October, 1989).

Official Discography[edit]

  • Mangled After Dinner Ritual (1981)
  • The Symphony of the Mangled One (1983)
  • Darkened Club Symphony (1984)
  • Hits From the Grave - M.A.D. Collection (1986)
  • The Hanging Man (1988)


  • Voices Far Beyond (1991), collection of recorded but never released demo, outtakes and general discarded musics. Rough sound with lo-fi recording.
  • Tribute to Chadwick (1993), very rough sound and lo-fi recording and a very rare Long Play, where lesser known bands plays six tracks of the MAD official discography. Back cover depicts the band, in a photo taken in one of their live shows.


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