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Mangles is the name of a wealthy English family whose members had amongst other things, interests in the Swan River Colony.

Prominent members[edit]

Prominent members and interests include:

  • James Mangles MP (1762–1838), High Sheriff for Surrey from 1808–1809, MP for Guildford in Parliament from 1831–1837.[1]
  • James Mangles FRS (1786–1867), nephew of James Mangles MP. Travelled extensively in the Middle East; co-authored Travels in Egypt and Nubia, Syria, and Asia Minor. Visited the Swan River Colony in 1831. Commissioned James Drummond (through George Fletcher Moore) to collect seeds, plants and herbarium specimens. He also received seeds and plants from Georgiana Molloy.
  • Robert Mangles (1780-1861), brother of James Mangles.
  • Ellen Mangles (1807-1874), daughter of James Mangles MP. In 1823 she married James Stirling, later Admiral and Governor of Western Australia.
  • Ross Donnelly Mangles (1801-77), son of James Mangles MP, Liberal Member for Guildford, 1841-1858, and chairman of the East India Company, 1857-1858.
  • Ross Lowis Mangles (1833-1905), son of Ross Donnelly Mangles. One of only five civilians to have been awarded a Victoria Cross, for saving a wounded soldier during the Indian Mutiny.



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